We are excited to have you!

New Hope Christian Academy students are bright and motivated, and possess a desire to learn. Just as our teachers inspire their students to learn, NHCA teachers are inspired by seeing our students succeed.

NHCA students are proud ambassadors for our school, and contribute in community service and outreach each year. They possess a sense of integrity that continues to grow throughout their education, creating a strong, godly foundation for the successful young men and women they are designed to become.


We expect our students to perform in school programs, compete on athletic teams and provide leadership to younger students as they continue at New Hope; we encourage them to excel in academics, speak confidently to their peers and others, and experience first-hand how to make a difference in their world.

What to know before your first day...


  • What do I need to bring the first day of school?

    • Bring your lunch and a full-size backpack, and your summer reading book.

  • Is there a certain kind of backpack required?

    • No, just big enough to hold a full-size binder. 

  • What time does the school day start?

    • Students are to be in their classroom at their desks by 8:15am

  • Do I have somewhere to put my personal things (jackets, pens, pencils, etc)?

    • Yes, each student will be issued a locker

  • Where do I go when I arrive at school?

    • There will be a central meeting room for students who arrive from 7am – 8:10am

  • Do I need to bring my own computer?

    • No, you will have a student- issued computer, or one assigned in the lab

  • Are students allowed to bring cell phones?

    • Any cell phone will be checked in to the main office and can be picked up at the end of the school day

  • What time is lunch?

    • It varies per grade level, but runs between 11:15 and 1pm

  • How do I know where to go when I arrive?  

    • We will have student greeters to show you where to go upon arrival

  •  Where do I pick up my schedule if I haven’t been able to get it before the first day?

    • Check into the principal’s office to pick it up