New Hope Education does not have an application deadline but has a rolling admissions process. To ensure the best possible opportunity for acceptance, we recommend that you have your application and testing completed by mid-February.




  1. Online Application

  2. Copy of Certified Birth Certificate

  3. Immunization Record (must be current)

  4. Proof of Health Insurance

  5. School records from previous school (not for daycare, preschool, or afterschool care)

  6. Standardized test scores for two years (Grades 3 – 6)

  7. Applicable References (online access; personal reference for all families; academic reference for students 2nd grade and up)

Age Requirements

  • Kindergarten applicants must be 5 years old by September 1 of the year for which they are applying and must be able to care for their restroom needs independently.

  • Exceptions will be considered for early Kindergarten enrollment, based on results of testing and student and parent interviews.

Entrance Testing Requirements

New Hope Christian Academy requires entrance testing for students going into Kindergarten and up.  

School Records Requirements 

  • Kindergarten Students: Not Applicable 

  • First-Seventh Grade: Copies of current report card as well as previous school records (report cards and standardized test scores from the last two years), and any educational or diagnostic testing.

  • Eighth-Twelfth Grade: Copies of current report card as well as previous school records (report cards and standardized test scores from the last two years), a transcript, and any educational or diagnostic testing.

Personal Records Requirements

  • Birth Certificate: A copy is required of all applicants.

  • Immunization Record: A copy of the applicant's immunization record is required. Immunization records must include month, day and year of each shot, and the health care provider's signature or stamp. If you choose to opt out of immunizations, please provide the appropriate notarized affidavit.

  • If applicant is receiving classroom accommodations due to a diagnosed learning difference, please submit current diagnostic testing and/or 504 plan.

  • If you are a divorced family you must submit the most recent copy of all court documents regarding custody and educational decisions that are signed by a judge and notarized.

  • A copy of the insurance card that is applicable for the student.

Recommendation Requirements

  • Kindergarten and First Grade applicants: need a Personal Family Recommendation. 

  • Second-Twelfth Grade: require a Personal Family  Recommendation, as well as an Academic Recommendation.

Parent Interview Requirements

  • Once the applicant file is complete, the parents will be contacted to schedule an interview appointment with a school administrator. This interview is an opportunity for compatibility discussions and a question and answer session. If testing is complete and results are available, scores are reviewed during the interview.

  • Students entering Fifth-Twelfth Grade are asked to accompany their parents for the interview.