New Hope Christian Academy developed its curriculum for the lower school based on years of experience in education, extensive knowledge and training in curriculum development, and based on extensive research.


Curriculum  materials come from a variety of sources:

Zaner-Bloser, SuperKids Reading Program

The Superkids® Reading program is a core literacy curriculum for PreK4 through 2nd grade that teaches all aspects of reading seamlessly integrated with the language arts. Built on scientific research and proven pedagogy, it combines rigorous instruction with highly motivating materials.

Why Superkids Works

  • Systematic, Explicit Instruction: The Superkids Reading Program is a system of instruction. The step-by-step lessons build skills systematically as children progress from kindergarten through second grade, creating confident readers.

  • Decodable Text: As children learn new phonetic elements, they immediately apply these skills to engaging decodable literary and informational text. By second grade, children have learned the phonetic elements necessary to read text that isn't phonetically controlled.

  • Integration: Superkids integrates reading, spelling, handwriting, grammar, and composition into one program.

  • Motivation: Children love the engaging Superkids characters. Each character has a unique personality and interests. The Superkids stories capture the universal experiences of childhood.

By the time they finish the program, students have acquired the linguistic understanding required to develop into a fully literate individual. After Superkids, third-graders can read on grade level with accuracy, fluency, and understanding in any reading program.

Zaner-Bloser, Manuscript Handwriting

The Zaner-Bloser method has helped generations of students master manuscript (print) and cursive handwriting skills. Considered the gold standard in instruction, Zaner-Bloser Handwriting supports students with a convenient three-step lesson model that can be incorporated in about 15 minutes per day.

Purposeful Design, Bible 

Students will expand their science vocabulary and understanding of scientific processes by using this series.  The rigorous content combined with a strong biblical worldview prepares students for future science studies while growing in their awe of God.  Tests, projects, and alternative assessments measure chapter knowledge for each student, along with extension activities that allow for deeper learning and investigation.

Singapore Math, Primary Mathematics

The Singapore Math method uses the CPA approach. It starts with the concreteapproach using objects to work out a problem. Then, the pictorial approach using representations of the objects involved in Math problems. And finally, abstractconcept using written equations i.e. (1+1=2) Singapore Math believes that any child can excel in Math.  Their success depends on how the concepts are presented to them and the effort they put towards learning. Singapore Math is one of the best math curricula out there.  It works well for struggling students as well as those who are mathematically gifted.  

Purposeful Design, Science

Purposeful Design Bible Curriculum is a strong Bible program allowing students not only acquire skills and knowledge, but also grow in faith and demonstrate that faith by their behavior. Each lesson has a unique set of expected student outcomes in the areas of knowledge, skills, and life application through studying the lesson. Because growth in faith is an individual matter, students will learn how to apply Scripture over the course of time as they grow in their relationship with God.

EPS, Wordly Wise Vocabulary

Wordly Wise® includes twelve books that teach 4,050 useful words. The program includes word lists, followed by clear, brief definitions and sentences that illustrate the meaning of the word in context. Although some of the words may appear familiar to students, one of the objectives of this series is to help bridge the gap between students’ thinking they know what a word means and actually being able to put the meaning into words. The number of new words increases as the books become more challenging. The lessons contain several exercises that reinforce learning by teaching students to use words precisely in a variety of situations. Each lesson ends with the popular Wordly Wise section that gives information on correct usage and interesting word histories, and points out common verbal pitfalls.

Studies Weekly, History and Social Studies

Our program emphasizes developmentally appropriate practice, supports the students through experiential learning and discovery, and emphasizes literacy, grammar, mathematics and STEAM. We focus on age appropriate practices that aid in the development of the student academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.  Our extensive curriculum provides a framework for learning experiences that draw on the needs and interests of students.