Due to the outbreak of COVID19 and the risk factors involved, New Hope Education has adopted stricter regulations and policies regarding sanitation as well as student health and wellness.  Please read thoroughly.

Sanitation Procedures

New Hope Education, Inc. has instituted strict daily building sanitation throughout all classrooms and hallways. Sanitation of the facility is done a minimum of 3 times a day throughout regular school/daycare hours. Another thorough disinfecting is performed at the end of each day.  This includes all equipment, toys, desks, table tops, light switches, door handles, sensory wall, water fountains, buggies, etc.  Sanitation foggers are used in each classroom every other Friday as well.  

Students are required to wash their hands after using the bathroom, after recess, after PE, and before and after lunch. Touchless hand sanitizer dispensers are available in every classroom (containing alcohol-free sanitizer, which is safe for children) and it is encouraged to be used frequently.


Each student has a personal seating arrangement (individual desk and labeled seating), as well as school box with their own personal supplies (crayons, books, pencils, scissors, glue, eraser, etc.).  Any replacement supplies must come from the teacher, not another student.  

New Hope Education will provide personalized masks for all students, to be used when doing close, collaborative work such as projects, science experiments, etc.  We have laundry facilities on property, and the face masks will be washed after each use.  

Student Health and Wellness

Our policy with regard to student wellness remains basically the same and will be strictly enforced.  If a student has fever at 100 degrees or greater, is vomiting, has diarrhea, a rash, and/or yellow or green mucus from the eyes or nose, the student will be sent home.  They must be fever free, and have experienced no vomiting or diarrhea for a minimum of 24 hours before they are allowed to return to school – NO EXCEPTIONS.  Any student sent home with a rash will be unable to return until there is no rash for a minimum of 24 hours or a doctor has given written permission to return to school.  A student may return 24 hours after beginning antibiotics. PLEASE do not mask a fever with Tylenol or Advil and send a student to school (generally your children tell on you when that happens).

All students and staff will have their temperature checked daily upon arrival.  Anyone with a temperature of 100 degrees or greater will be unable to enter the building. If a student or staff member develops a temperature of 100 degrees or greater after the start of the day, they will immediately be removed from the classroom, sent to the school office, and sent home, regardless of the suspected reasons.  Teachers will all be equipped with a touchless thermometer in the classroom, to monitor students as needed.    

We want to serve our families, and serve them well.  Taking extra, more strict precautions will allow us to do what is best for our school community with regard to the health and wellness of our students, parents, and teachers. 

Teacher/Staff Professional Development

All teachers and staff employed at New Hope Education, Inc. will be completing training in Coronavirus (COVID-19). This training is provided by the CDC.


COVID19 In-School Response Protocol

  • All staff and students will be subject to a temperature screening prior to entering NHCA buildings.

  • Parents and visitors that go beyond the lobby of either NHCA building will be subject to a temperature screening prior to accessing additional parts of the school buildings.

  • All adults accessing New Hope Christian Academy and The Nest will complete am online Covid19 screening, available through access of a QR code.

·       All parents and visitors are expected to wear face masks upon entry to any NHCA building.

  • All staff are required to wear face masks when in common areas of the school buildings i.e. hallways, restrooms, gym, kitchen, etc.

  • When engaged in instruction that does not require the teachers mouth to be visible i.e. reading and vocabulary instruction, etc., teachers are expected to wear face masks in the classroom. 

  • When students and teachers are outside and a social distance of six feet can be maintained, masks are not required.

  • Students in grades 3rd and above are expected to wear face masks in all common areas of the buildings, including but not limited to, hallways, bathrooms and chapel.

  • Students are not expected to wear face masks in their classroom unless engaged in close collaborative learning activities.

  • Students will be expected to wear face masks for the entirety of weekly Chapel services.

**** If a student or their parent(s) would like their student to wear a face mask throughout the school day, staff will make every effort to support this family decision.